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MEAN WELL possesses over ten thousand of standardized power supplies and Professional Technical Service Teams deploy worldwide. Through our Sales and Technical Service Teams, MEAN WELL can provide suitable products and solutions to customer's application or even building a customized 3 + N system for the application.3 + N system:“3”means Rack Power, Modular Power and System Power and “N”represents infinite possibilities of MEAN WELL's product combination and flexibility, for example: a 3+N system can be 20 units of DRP-3200 + CMU2.

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RST-7K5/15K Series

7.5KW / 15KW 3 Phase 4 Wire High Voltage DC Output Power Supply

MEAN WELL RST-7K5/15K series, 7.5KW / 15KW 3 Phase 4 Wire High Voltage DC Output Power Supply

MEAN WELL has launched its latest three-phase four-wire AC input RST-7K5(7,500W) and RST-15K(15,000W) power supply with 95% high efficiency design, and the maximum parallel output power up to 30kW. Three different DC output models are provided, including 115V, 230V and 380V, which serve various industries, such as automatic industrial equipment, charging energy storage systems, centralized bus power, and many other applications...

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SHP-10K Series

10kW 3 Phase 3 Wire High Efficiency & Digitalized Switching Power Supply

MEAN WELL SHP-10K series, 10kW 3 Phase 3 Wire High Efficiency & Digitalized Power Supply

Four DC output models are provided, including 55V, 115V, 230V and 380V, which serve various industries, such as automatic industrial equipment, charging energy storage systems, 5G communication equipment, centralized bus power, and many other applications. In addition, thanks to the fully digital design, the output voltage and current are programmable with CANBus, and optionally PMBus or MODBus......

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CMU2 Series

Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller

MEAN WELL CMU2 series, Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller

In order to realize the digitization and intelligence of control, MEAN WELL's third-generation multi-industry general-purpose intelligent controller CMU2 has built-in rich software and firmware, which can be used with the power supply DRP-3200 series to realize power management for Industrial applications. In addition, when accompany with ...


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ERG-5000 Series—
Energy Recycling Burn-in System

ERG-5000(H) is an Energy Recycling Burn-in System with a rated input of 5kW and a maximum of 6kW. The energy-saving rate can reach up to 88%, ultimately helping save energy and reduce carbon. The burn-in mode can choose CC or CV mode. Users can choose suitable models based on burn-in and aging application requirements. Built-in CANBus communication protocol, which can be used with CMU2A or controlled and set by coding.

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SHP-10K Series —
2300W harsh environment and 5G telecom power supply

SHP-10K is a 3ψ3W high output DC voltage switching power supply. According to the cooling method of power supply, it can be categorized into two types. Forced air cooling and water cooling. Each model suits in different applications, such as telecom, industrial automation, EV charging,and other related industrial cases.

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CMU2 Series—
Power Management Demo Kit

CMU2 demo kit, the YHS-CMU2C, is a 2 in 1 marketing tool that contains a CMU2 with a DPU-3200. It is not only can demonstrate MEANWELL's smart power solution with the combination of programmable power supply DPU-3200 series and smart controller CMU2 in a seminar or booth. The demo kit but also can be utilized as a programmable, high power DC source in usage for RMA or application engineers to do verification of DC-DC and DC-AC products.

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Burn-in is the process by which components of a system are exercised before being placed in service and often time prior to the system being completely assembled from those components. This testing process will force certain failures to occur under supervised conditions so an understanding of load capacity of the product can be established. The intention to carry out burn-in test is to detect those particular components that would fail as a result of the initial, high-failure rate portion of the bathtub curve of component reliability. If the burn-in period is made sufficiently long (and, perhaps, artificially stressful), the system can then be trusted to be mostly free of further early failures once the burn-in process is complete.

To fulfill this kind of requirement, numbers of high wattage equipment will participate in this situation, therefore, with the flexibility of MEAN WELL’s system power, users are able to overcome and achieve a ALL in ONE BI system by its functionality.


In recent years, laser-based high-precision processing equipment is widely adopted by the alternative energy, information technology, biomedical, material science, and electronics manufacturing industries. Lasers can be utilized in a variety of manufacturing processes such as cutting, marking, welding, drilling, engraving, ablation, 3D printing, annealing, cleaning, etc. MEAN WELL system power solutions can be reached maximum output up to 128kW , which makes it suitable for laser applications, including CO2 laser, fiber laser and diode.


Only 0.8% of the world's Freshwater resources that can be used directly, such as rivers, lakes and groundwater,, so the available freshwater resources are very precious and scarce. 17 Sustainable Development Goals are adopt by united nations, of which several are closely related to water resources. Most water treatment systems need to apply energy to the electrode through a power source to achieve the effect of electrolysis. The gas and acid-alkaline liquids produced after electrolysis can be used for different purposes, such as hydrogen cars, disinfection water... etc.

However, since the electrolysis equipment needs to apply different levels of energy for different water volumes and different water conditions. MEAN WELL system power supply is able to control the output current of the power supply through the PC function, which can meet the control logic of the electrolysis equipment. On the other hand, the total power is expandable that make it suitable for different scale of water treatment equipment.


The picture below shows the illustration of the synchrotron of TPS for which it mainly consists of Linear Accelerator (LINAC), Booster Ring and Storage Ring. The source produces the particles which are propelled up to speed in a LINAC before they are injected into a booster ring to be accelerated further. The particle beams then enter the storage ring, which maintains their speed. In case particle beams are diverted at speeds close to the speed of light, it emits part of the energy as synchrotron radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Depending on requirements, the super bright beams are then diverted into the beamline to perform the experiment or application in the end station. RF amplifier system is to compensate the power loss of the particle beams in the storage ring due to the emission of synchrotron radiation by which a signal picked up on ring can be amplified and fed back in on the opposite side of the ring at a dedicated phase angle. The feedback loop helps to reduce the size and energy distribution. MEAN WELL system power solution is installed and applied as the DC power source for the RF amplifier system in the storage ring.


4G networks are replacing by 5G networks continuously due to the demand of IoT. The base stations density that 5G need is higher than 4G due to the coverage issue. Therefore, more power might be needed, leading the use of MEAN WELL NCP-3200 makes perfect solution to power up the base stations. It can also be used in conjunction with the NBR-3200 product to charge the battery of UPS for base station, in addition NMP can be implemented for provide multi-voltage source for the related driving and data machine surrounding the base station to form a system solution.


Brick-and-mortar banks are slowly turning into online banking, shopping is done through online, and the web cloud has long been integrated into everyone's life. What follows is a huge amount of information that needs to be processed and stored, and the scale and density of data centers are also increasing. The data center not only has servers, but also other environmental monitoring equipment, and high stability is the most important part. Therefore, using MEAN WELL NCP-3200 series to form a system power supply with a maximum output of 128kW can not only meet the high power requirements of the data center, but also can be used with CMU2 to achieve local or remote monitoring and control capabilities. In an emergency situation, the CMU2 touch screen or the TCP communication protocol can be used to handle critical situation.


When material technology cannot break through rapidly in a short period of time, energy saving needs to be supplemented by other means, and high-voltage centralized power supply is the best solution. Most electronic products are ultimately driven by DC. Therefore, if the overall power distribution system adopts high-voltage transmission, the AC to DC conversion of all electrical appliances can be reduced, and the power loss during power transportation can even be reduced. The safety aspect can also be protected by the AC to DC power sources. MEAN WELL can assist customers to build high-voltage centralized power supply from high-voltage system power supply NCP-3200HV series to SHP-10K/RST-7K5/RST-15K..etc. Part of models can also be operated with CMU2 to realize the application of Smart DC house.


It is a trend for electric vehicles to replace traditional vehicles, and users also expect that the use of electric vehicles can be similar to fuel vehicles. Therefore, the battery and charging technology are constantly improving, but the fact is that the power will be larger and larger to facilitate fast charging. In the fast charging station, in addition to the main charger, the screen/controller/modem... is also required to be integrated into the system. Main charging power in station is especially suitable for using MEAN WELL NCP-3200 or NBR-3200 series as the main power supply, and NMP for multiple sets of voltage output is suitable to be used for screen/controller/modem, together from into a complete system power.