The demand for high-end power supplies that integrate high-power and intelligent management has steadily increased, and it also provides many outstanding features in power management, including remote monitoring, and the power management controller CMU2 to connect to smart meters to monitor the power usage status of the device. In addition to telecommunications equipment rooms and data centers, applications such as electronic product burn-in systems, UV curing equipment, diode laser equipment, plant lighting, architectural decoration lighting, fish-collecting lights, electric vehicle charging, medical and medical beauty equipment, and other application scenarios can also benefit from high-end power supplies.


Since renewable energy is a worldwide trend, the DC House is far beyond a concept but necessary infrastructure. Therefore, energy efficiency is an essential topic for converting the power between AC to DC or DC to AC. MEAN WELL would like to be the pioneer to define a new DC centralized bus for indoor device applications to reduce more power loss issue. 

With more than 35 years of experience in power supply design and manufacturing, MEAN WELL provide the complete solutions for DC centralized bus and DC lighting applications with our enclosed type and DC to DC LED driver product lines. Furthermore, the DC centralized bus can be easily integrated into a renewable energy system to reduce power consumption. Please refer to the below diagram for a“DC world”application.


UPS system maintains power when the mains power fails or trips to avoid loss of important equipment files or precision instruments due to power failure. Common AC applications are computers, monitors, modems, servers, switches... etc. MEAN WELL introduced self-developed new chargers and offline inverters at the MEAN WELL Information Center in Suzhou to form an intelligent UPS system. Under abnormal power grid conditions, it will continuously provide backup AC power for key equipment such as MEAN WELL’s computer servers and switches to prevent computer data loss, telephone communication/network interruption, and loss of control of equipment to ensure continued operation.


Normal version: inverter can configure output voltage, frequency, and other parameters.

Smart system: MEAN WELL has newly developed chargers and inverters with communication (CANBus) function and a digital controller CMU2 to achieve intelligent control/real-time monitoring/big data analysis. The current status is monitored through the communication interface and displayed on the panel, such as the input voltage, current, frequency, output power, and other information, and parameters such as output voltage and frequency can also be set through buttons.

When disasters such as fire or building collapses occur, emergency services such as emergency lighting, escape direction indications, and radio communications will be provided to improve the survival rate. Common DC applications are amplifiers for firefighters, centralized emergency lighting, communication equipment, etc.


Due to the vigorous development of electric vehicles, the charging station is already available in many places. Of course, they are also indispensable in the new smart park. The charging stations will be operating with the parking lot management system to provide visitor charging mode and link salary calculation in the human resources system.


The solar hot water system consists of several solar heaters, hot water tanks, loop pipes, hot water loop pumps and control systems, etc. It adopts a centralized hot water supply system. When the weather is good, the water in the water tank is heated by solar energy, and the air source heat pump is used as a auxiliary heating source to meet the water demand when solar energy is insufficient or on rainy days. This project is designed to save about 10,000 kWh of electricity a year.


MEAN WELL uses the newly developed NTU-5K uninterruptible power system in the SuZhou plant. The energy storage system uses series-connected batteries to achieve high voltage to save configuration costs; the system has built-in AC-DC chargers or solar chargers, and can set charging current and read output through the information panel about voltage, current, power, etc.

This model supports power expansion function, and multiple units are used in parallel in the information room of the SuZhou factory to meet the needs of high-power applications.

MEAN WELL ISI-501 has a built-in solar MPPT battery charger plus a pure sine wave inverter, and it is suitable for small household appliances, power tools, portable equipment, yachts etc. with solar panel and batteries.


The MEAN WELL GSI series models have the MPPT function, which can feed the solar cells back to the mains with the highest efficiency. In addition, data such as power hours can be obtained through the panel and communication.


Any manufacturer that produces electronic products and equipment must undergo burn-in and aging tests in the production process. However, the burn-in process consumes a lot of electricity. To improve the problem of power consumption, MEAN WELL uses our self-developed energy recovery power supply combined with the power monitoring system (CMU2) to recycle the power consumed during the burn-in test, which can reduce energy consumption by more than 70%, up to 90%.

When the operator selects the work order, the system can automatically load the aging parameters through the connected system and visualize the lights to display the aging status of the product in real time and follow the entire aging SOP to control each step with firmware to ensure 100% aging, after the aging is over, the system will automatically return the test results related to the aging data for future inspection and analysis.

● Non-Grid-tied: ERS Series
Basic version: Adjust the load required by the device through the digital Energy Recycling Controller (ERC), and feed the electric energy back to the DUT as the input power source. The insufficient electric energy is then provided by the ERS-1400.

Intelligent version: Through CMU2 combined with the MES/ERP, the work order/aging parameters/workflow processes are connected to realize the complete intelligent aging application and provide synchronous control and big data analysis.

● Grid-tied: ERG Series
MEAN WELL’s newly developed ERG-5000 series feeds the burn-in power directly back to the mains, and it can be used with CMU2 to achieve intelligent control/real-time monitoring/big data analysis.

Application Example: MEAN WELL Taiwan Burn-in equipment room implements ERS energy recycling system to reduce on average 70% energy consumption, maximum energy consumption reaches 80%.

DC Output Product – Energy Recycling Solution Recommendation

Digital Controllers: CMU2 (Intelligent) / ERC (Basic)

Energy Recycling: ERS-1400(H) non-grid-tied / ERG-5000 grid-tied

● AC Output Product Applications
Most of the non-grid-tied AC products on the market often use resistance to convert electrical energy into heat during the burn-in/aging process, and then use heat sinks and fans to forcibly dissipate heat. The electrical energy consumed is purely a cost loss. MEAN WELL's newly developed BIC series power supply is paired with CMU2 to adjust the load required by the DUT to feed the electric energy back to the DC input voltage of the DUT, and the loss part is supplied by the DC source, which can save up to 90% of energy in comparison to the traditional burn-in and aging method.


   AC Output Product – Energy Recycling Solution Recommendation

Digital Controller: CMU2 / Energy Recycling: BIC-2200


● Lithium Battery Test Equipment 
In the field of lithium battery test and feedback equipment, the core device is a two-way power supply, which not only converts AC mains into the charging voltage of lithium batteries to charge the battery, but also inverts the battery voltage into AC power during the battery discharge test and integrates it into the grid for other equipment. This setup will be able to greatly reduce the problem of energy waste during lithium battery testing. MEAN WELL's newly developed BIC-2200 two-way power supply series is suitable for all kinds of battery development/testing equipment. At the same time, it can charge and discharge the battery and connect it to the grid to save energy in the battery production process.

Lithium Battery Test Application – Energy Recycling Solution Recommendation:
Digital Controller: CMU2
Energy Recycling (Grid-Tied 2-Way Power Supply): BIC-2200


The utilization of electricity is a key aspect of managing factories and buildings. MEAN WELL plans to implement power monitoring system for the new Suzhou Intelligent Campus, connecting ICP DAS smart meters (PM-3133) through RS-485 or Ethernet and measuring the power information of each floor in real time. The system will record power consumption, voltage, current, power factor, etc. and send back to the back-end management center for summary and analysis of power information. MEAN WELL achieves energy saving and carbon emission reduction by collecting electricity consumption information, analyzing electricity consumption, finding out solutions to problems, and reducing improper electricity consumption.
● Intelligent power monitoring module communication interface type: Modbus RTU, Ethernet