Technical Service Hall

Technical Service Mission:
Using our knowledge on power supply to provide professional consultancy and total power solution to customers in all fields, solving every issue related to power requirements, and helping customers successful design in their products with the power solution we provided.

Technical Service Team:
MEAN WELL as the global leader in the standard power industry. Technical staffs are all over the world to provide customers the best service on power solution recommendation, technical consultancy, and modification evaluation. The global technical support network formed by 5 branch offices, 12 local representatives and over 100 authorized distributors, providing customers close and fast support.

Technical Service Guideline:
● Fast Response – Technical questions will be replied in 24 hours (1 working day)
● Local Support – Branch offices, local representatives, and authorized distributors dedicated in local market and regulation knowledge, provide effective support without borders.
● Power Profession – MEAN WELL focus on power supply. Staffs equip with the right knowledge to all power inquiries.
● Accountability – Technical staffs are dared to take challenges and do the best to fulfill customer requirements.

Team Members




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Willard Wu
Technical Service

Tel: +886-2-2299-6100

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Wei Qiang Wu 
Technical Service
Mid/South/West China

Tel: +86-20-3773-7100

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Eris Wu
Global Technical Service Center

Tel: +886-2-2299-6100

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Tony Hsieh 
Technical Service
Asia & Oceania

Tel: +886-2-2299-6100

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Zhen Dong Wang 
Technical Service
East & North China

Tel: +86-512-6508-8600




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Hank Lan
Technical Service

Tel: +31-20-758-6000

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Brian Lu 
Technical Service

Tel: +1-510-683-8886

Technical Support


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Power Supplies for Motorized Fitness Equipment Application

Home-Fitness equipment is one of the blooming industries during the Covid-19 Pandemic due to the closure of public gyms or fitness centres. The closure induced high demand for Home-Fitness Equipment especially Motorized Fitness Equipment such as Treadmills or Cross trainers with LCD displays for video training or live streaming purpose.  ...

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CMU2 —
Power Management Demo Kit

CMU2 demo kit, the YHS-CMU2C, is a 2 in 1 marketing tool that contains a CMU2 with a DPU-3200. It is not only can demonstrate MEANWELL's smart power solution with the combination of programmable power supply DPU-3200 series and smart controller CMU2 in a seminar or booth. The demo kit but also can be utilized as a programmable, high power DC source in usage for RMA or application engineers to do verification of DC-DC and DC-AC products.

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DLC-02 Demonstration  — 
All-in-One Digital Smart Lighting Controller for Building Automation

With the market trend of 5G and smart home applications, the digital lighting system and building automation have attracted more attention. In order to enhance a better attraction, as well as a total solution demonstration to end users of the All-in-One digital lighting controller that is built for digital lighting system and building automation. The DLC-02 series can be perfectly matched with any DALI-2 and KNX-certified related products.

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LCM & PWM IoT Series Demonstration  — 
Bluetooth Mesh LED Drivers for Wireless Lighting Applications

As the 5G telecommunication booms, lighting products is expected to integrate with more intelligent control. The luminaires are no longer just lighting tools. Intelligent lighting is the market trend no matter in wired or wireless control. The ultimate goal is to integrate all lighting fixtures and home devices into the same network and control these devices through the APP. Users can easily control the lights, achieving energy, and asset management. The video demonstrates MEAN WELL's wireless lighting solutions and applications.

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