C4. Product & Technical Service Center

Person in charge:  Eris Wu     eris@meanwell.com

+886-2-2299-6100  ext.350

Technical Service Mission:
Using our knowledge on power supply with MEAN WELL ESG company resources to provide professional consultancy and total power solution to customers in all fields.

Technical Service Guideline:
● Fast Response – Technical questions will be replied in 24 hours (1 working day)
● Local Support – SDG partner dedicated in local market and regulation knowledge, provide effective support without borders.
● Integration Service – MEAN WELL's technical service personnel have expertise in power system integration and provide customer service with system integration, safety and EMC verification.
● Accountability – Technical staffs are dared to take challenges and do the best to fulfill customer requirements.

Technical Service Team (LINK):
MEAN WELL Technical staffs are all over the world to provide customers the best service on power solution recommendation, technical consultancy, EMC validation  and modification evaluation.

Technical Support

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After-sales Service

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