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NTN-5K Series

5KW Off-Grid Industrial Grade 2-in-1 Charging Inverter

MEAN WELL NTN-5K Series, 5KW Off-Grid Industrial Grade 2-in-1 Charging Inverter

This series is an all-in-one unit that integrates AC-DC charging, DC-AC inversion, and AC bypass. It also supports external solar panels and MPPT chargers. The main features include five key highlights: First, built-in high-power 4520W AC-DC charger with fast charging capability Second, adopts a modular design with 5KW single machine module, allowing flexible parallel connection of AC outputs up to 30KW (1+5 units), with highly flexible wattage expansion...
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SHP-30K Series

30KW 3 Phase 3 Wire High Efficiency Digital Power Supply

MEAN WELL SHP-30K Series, 30KW 3 Phase 3 Wire High Efficiency Digital Power Supply

The global standard power supply leader, MEAN WELL, has officially launched the SHP-30K series: A 2U rack type high wattage standard power supply that is highly demanded and expected by customers around the world. The SHP-30K series is currently the world's highest wattage 30KW AC/DC single unit power supply, features 3 phase 3 wire AC input and provides four standard models of DC output, including low voltage 55V (<60V SELV) ...
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NCP-3200 Series

3200W 2-in-1 Rack-mounted Switching Power Supply & Battery Charger

MEAN WELL NCP-3200 series, 3200W New Generation 2-in-1 Rack-mounted Switching Power Supply & Battery Charger

Considering the application requirements of energy supply systems, the 24 VDC/ 48VDC low-voltage DC power supply and charger output models are specially designed with firmware settings for 2-in-1 application via software settings, suitable for various kinds of light/heavy industrial machinery and equipment, automation or mobile equipment, 5G or all kinds of communication base stations, charging piles or large charging stations, data server centers ....
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【Energy-efficient Application】
High Voltage DC Centralized Power System: DALI-2 Digital Lighting Control Solution

High voltage DC lighting solution includes a high DC voltage power supply to provide stable high voltage to NHDD HVDC LED driver.DLC-02 DALI Controller and DAP-04 DALI to PWM Converter provide DALI to PWM signal solution. The system can be flexibly configured through software settings. 

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【Energy-efficient Application】
Energy Recycling Burn-in System: ERG-5000 Series

ERG-5000(H) is an Energy Recycling Burn-in System with a rated input of 5kW and a maximum of 6kW. The energy-saving rate can reach up to 88%, ultimately helping save energy and reduce carbon. The burn-in mode can choose CC or CV mode. Users can choose suitable models based on burn-in and aging application requirements. Built-in CANBus communication protocol, which can be used with CMU2A or controlled and set by coding.

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【Energy-efficient Application】
The Musical Fountain in MEAN WELL SuZhou Intelligent Campus

The musical fountain in Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park is powered by MEAN WELL VFD-350P-48 series. The fountain lighting adopts the NDR-240 power supply solution, while the main control system adopts the LRS-100 power supply solution. Incorporating MEAN WELL power supplies, the musical fountain brings everyone a wonderful audiovisual experience.

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