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MEAN WELL's VFD series of variable frequency drives are primarily used for motor frequency conversion drive or three-phase inverter applications. The VFD series has various input specifications (AC full voltage input/DC 48V input) and can be widely used for low-voltage variable frequency motor loads, such as wind/hydro power applications and industrial automation. The VFD line of products are highly cost-effective and equipped with MEAN WELL’s universal standard connectors, which can be matched with applicable models according to the different load requirements, reducing development time and investment costs.

    Product Introduction

    Product Line Introduction

    The VFD series of variable frequency drives provides multiple options for input voltage and enclosure specifications, suitable for motor frequency conversion drives or other three-phase inverter applications, in all environments. There are models available with PFC for AC input, which can be used in areas such as wind/hydro power, and low-voltage DC 48V input, and used in unmanned transport vehicles or other low-voltage DC systems. All products are certified to IEC-61800-5 safety standards. We provide customers with standardized and cost-effective motor drive system applications.

    New Products

    VFD-250~350P (AC/AC) Series


    VFD-250~350P (AC/AC)

    Specifcation VFD-250P-230
    Specifcation VFD-350P-230


    VFD-200~750C (AC/AC) Series


    VFF-200~750C (AC/AC)

    Specifcation VFD-200C-230
    Specifcation VFD-350C-230
    Specifcation VFD-750C-230


    VFD-150~350P (DC/AC) Series


    VFD-150~350P (DC/AC)

    Specifcation VFD-150P-48
    Specifcation VFD-250P-48
    Specifcation VFD-350P-48


    Media Center

    Application Case: MEAN WELL SuZhou Intelligent Campus Garden

    The outdoor landscaping uses MEAN WELL VFD driver, VFD-350C-230, embedded in a ground-mounted pump, combining it into a green and energy-saving landscaping application. The VFD-350C-230 is a case-type design, which is locked to the pump body by conduction heat dissipation to achieve integrated heat dissipation. The fanless design is more suitable for high dust environments, indoor or outdoor equipment.