● Build a smart and energy-saving computer room to improve the overall safety and reliability of the computer room. Two independent air-conditioners, not shared with building air-conditioning, and the room temperature automatically controls the air-conditioning operation mode.
● The elevated floor line is underground to prevent leakage, moisture, and appearance.
● Central command center will collect all system information


In response to the epidemic, companies have begun to implement work from home and remote offices. However, the first thing to solve for working at home is the problem of remote meetings. By adopting two online meeting modes, Polycom and Zoom, different meeting modes can be selected according to needs and different applications, so that communication is unimpeded, and screens can be shared in real time. Participants can be more involved in the meeting to discuss projects.


The park adopts Wi-Fi 6 to cover the whole factory area and implements 5G cells on smart lighting poles as needed, so that all visitors to the park can enjoy high-speed wireless networks. Some network dependent devices can also utilize wireless networks, therefore reducing wiring costs and increasing flexibility in deployment.


5G Base Station Environmental Proof


The demand for high-end power supplies that integrate high-power and intelligent management has steadily increased, and it also provides many outstanding features in power management, including remote monitoring, and the power management controller CMU2 to connect to smart meters to monitor the power usage status of the device. In addition to telecommunications equipment rooms and data centers, applications such as electronic product burn-in systems, UV curing equipment, diode laser equipment, plant lighting, architectural decoration lighting, fish-collecting lights, electric vehicle charging, medical and medical beauty equipment, and other application scenarios can also benefit from high-end power supplies.


UPS system maintains power when the mains power fails or trips to avoid loss of important equipment files or precision instruments due to power failure. Common AC applications are computers, monitors, modems, servers, switches... etc. MEAN WELL introduced self-developed new chargers and offline inverters at the MEAN WELL Information Center in Suzhou to form an intelligent UPS system. Under abnormal power grid conditions, it will continuously provide backup AC power for key equipment such as MEAN WELL’s computer servers and switches to prevent computer data loss, telephone communication/network interruption, and loss of control of equipment to ensure continued operation.

General version: inverter can configure output voltage, frequency, and other parameters. 

Smart system: MEAN WELL has newly developed chargers and inverters with communication (CANBus) function and a digital controller CMU2 to achieve intelligent control/real-time monitoring/big data analysis. The current status is monitored through the communication interface and displayed on the panel, such as the input voltage, current, frequency, output power, and other information, and parameters such as output voltage and frequency can also be set through buttons.

When disasters such as fire or building collapses occur, emergency services such as emergency lighting, escape direction indications, and radio communications will be provided to improve the survival rate. Common DC applications are amplifiers for firefighters, centralized emergency lighting, communication equipment and others.

Multimedia advertising kiosks are installed on the outer wall of the R&D building, each office floor, production line, welcome hall, and elevators. With the multimedia delivery platform, unified scheduling and news release, the dissemination of multimedia information throughout the plant is realized.