The use of electricity is a very important part of factories and buildings. MEAN WELL plans the power monitoring system in New Suzhou intelligent Campus, which connects the MW smart meter (PMU-01) through RS-485 or Ethernet to measure the power information of each floor and record it in real time. Information such as electrical power, voltage, current, power factor, etc., is sent back to the back-end management center for the summary and analysis of electrical information. By collecting electricity consumption information, analyzing electricity consumption, finding out solutions to problems, and controlling improper electricity consumption, we achieve the goal of reducing electricity consumption, energy saving, and carbon reduction.
● Intelligent power monitoring module communication interface type: RS485、TCP/IP



General version:
Smart meter: MODBUS RTU model
Digital Controller: CMU2

Web version:
Smart meter: TCP/IP model
Digital controller (optional)


The natural gas monitoring and control system is important for safety in the kitchen and is one of the important measures for the kitchen to prevent major accidents such as natural gas leakage and ensure safe production. The detection system uses real-time detection of changes in the concentration of natural gas in the kitchen, and immediately warns if there is an abnormality, and informs relevant personnel to address the issue.

Application Example: Huadu MEAN WELL Application Example

The temperature and humidity monitoring system not only provides a good office environment for employees but also ensure the quality of goods in storage. When the indoor temperature and humidity monitoring system detects an abnormality, the central air conditioning system can effectively adjust the temperature and humidity in the area in real time.


Implement air quality monitoring in office, production line, and pollution monitoring points to monitor the overall status and trend of air quality; regularly monitored substances in this campus are pollutants such as SO2, NOx, CO, benzene, and fluoride.

Application Example: GuanZhou MEAN WELL Application Example