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LED lighting is a new-generation lighting trend. It uses high-brightness LED diodes with LED drive power, and integrates related mechanisms and heat dissipation technology to design LED lighting fixtures. MEAN WELL focuses on the development and sales of LED drivers and is also the world's second-largest manufacturer of the LED driver. At present, there are more than 5,000 standard models. The products are mainly divided into indoor plastic casing and outdoor waterproof metal casing. The power covers 8W~1000W. Customers can choose the appropriate LED driver for luminaire design. Also, the current power products provide a variety of dimming functions, such as 0-10V/PWM/ Resistor/DALI 2.0/ Timer/ Bluetooth Mesh, etc., allowing customers to combine more intelligent dimming functions.

Product Introduction

Product Roadmap

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New Products

XLG-DA2 Series

50W~320W DALI-2 Digital Dimming LED Driver

MEAN WELL XLG-DA2 Series, 50W~320W DALI-2 Digital Dimming LED Driver

MEAN WELL's XLG series complied with the latest safety standards and isolated dimming design, covered both constant current and constant voltage applications. The series can be used with general constant current luminaires such as street light, floodlight, bay light or general 12V/24V/48V constant voltage LED strips ....


240W & 320W Agricultural Lighting LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL XLG-240/320-48-ABV, 240W & 320W Agricultural Lighting LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL currently offers three kinds of wattages for agricultural lighting products, customers can have more selection according to their site requirements. Also, DALI digital lighting control can be combined with MEAN WELL's DLC-02, DAP-04 for the lighting's process control or for different scenario settings if the customers have more flexible ....

SLD-150 Series

150W Ultra-Slim and Linear Type with Dual-certified LED Driver

MEAN WELL SLD-150 Series, 150W Ultra-Slim and Linear Type with Dual-certified LED Driver

MEAN WELL's new SLD-150 Series LED drivers continue the ultra-slim and linear-shaped design of the previous SLD-50/80 series, and increases the overall wattage to 150W. The new SLD-150 Series provides power for a more complete range of decorative lighting/advertising light boxes or linear luminaires for ...


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All-in-One Digital Smart Lighting Controller Application Introduction

With the market trend of 5G and smart home applications, the digital lighting system and building automation have attracted more attention. In order to enhance a better attraction, as well as a total solution demonstration to end users of the All-in-One digital lighting controller that is built for digital lighting system and building automation. The DLC-02 series can be perfectly matched with any DALI-2 and KNX-certified related products.

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HVGC-1000 Series:
1000W LED Driver

With a wide range of input voltage 180~528VAC and a variety of dimming functions, the HVGC-1000 series is designed in compliance with the latest regulations. The output and dimming circuits are isolated from each other. The HVGC-1000 series can be directly used with a general single-phase 230V voltage or a 347V or 380V voltage derived from a three-phase voltage, which is convenient for customers to use in plant factories or stadium lighting applications.

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XLG Series Introduction

With the experience of engineers, the rigorous testing of DVT / DQT of the internal quality assurance department, and obtaining international product safety regulations, the XLG family (25~240W) products are launched in 2019. Selling over 2 million units, XLG Series is your best choice no matter in outpur current setting or inventory management aspects.

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MEAN WELL LDH and LDB series, DC/DC boost type and buck-boost LED driver, DC/DC LED lighting application