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Product Introduction

Product Roadmap

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New Products

MA60 Series

10W LED Bulb

By introducing and facilitating project sales of MLS brand LED bulb products, we aim to provide innovative solutions. We have officially launched the MA60 Series: 10W LED Bulb, designed for a full voltage range of 100-240V, offering an energy-efficient alternative to traditional bulbs. .... 

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CF Series

12V/24V COB LED Strips

Through collaboration with MLS Group, the world's famous LED manufacturer, MEAN WELL has introduced and provided project sales of MLS-branded COB LED strip products. The first products of CFA320A4 12V and CFC320A4 24V series IP20 COB LED strips are launched, which can be used with MEAN WELL LED power supply, and combined with indoor decoration and commercial linear project application. .... 

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XLN/XLC Series

25W/40W/60W Intelligent LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL XLN/XLC Series, 25W/40W/60W Intelligent LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL continues to offer a range of standard LED power supplies, incorporating the latest regulations and output dimming isolation designs. The new compact XLN-25/40/60W series adopts an independent wiring output design, fully encapsulated to meet IP67 waterproof function. ...


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DTP Series:
DALI Touch Panel Customized Symbol Service

The DTP-2XX-U version provides 6 keys and 4 keys touch panel, while the DTP-2XX-E version provides 6 keys and 3 keys touch panel. In the future, we will continue to supplement more types of touch panel. According to on-site application, user can requires customized symbol for identification and MEAN WELL can offer laser engraving to provide customized symbol to improve the user's experience with intelligent lighting control. For customized symbol service, please contact MEAN WELL's sales team.

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Smart Lighting Wireless Programming Solution

The specifications of LED lighting fixtures are diverse. LED drive power supplies manufacturers typically employ hardware methods to alter the reference voltage value of the current detection circuit (using a dip switch or a variable resistor, for instance) to set the current demand. However, neither of these methods allows for subtle and intuitive current adjustments. To meet the needs of customers with precise and rapid current setting requirements, MEAN WELL products integrate NFC (near field communication) technology, offering smart wireless programming solutions.

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MEAN WELL Smart Home Application(1):
Matter Wireless Solution

To provide customers with a wireless control smart home lighting solution, MEAN WELL has chosen to adopt the technical standards defined by the CSA alliance. At the same time, the new XLN/XLC series will integrate the Matter communication solution into its design. These products can be wirelessly controlled through Apple HomePod speakers and HomeKit software, enabling smart home control. They can be combined with the XLC LED drivers (lighting fixtures), as well as other peripherals such as motorized curtains, cameras, air conditioning, and TV switches. This combination creates a wireless Matter smart home ecosystem, allowing users to set various situational modes.

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XLN/XLC Series Introduction

Case Study

MA60 Series 10W LED Bulb
XLN/XLC Series
XLG-320-48-ABV Series
MEAN WELL LDH and LDB series, DC/DC boost type and buck-boost LED driver, DC/DC LED lighting application