• KNX is the only global communication bus standard based on residential and building control agreements. All KNX certified products can be interconnected.
• All major building functions such as lighting, curtain control, air conditioning, ventilation, security, energy management, etc. are integrated into an intelligent system.

KNX Lighting Control System Solution


       PLC (Power Line Communication) technology uses the existing DC power line to transmit data or information on the power line by means of digital signals. There is no need to re-lay the communication lines, reducing the laying cost.

The DC power cord is the communication lin. DC PLC LED Driver is dimmed through PLC communication.

Application: DC Power System (DC LED power, battery and PV) 


CANBus is a feature-rich communication standard for vehicles. It was designed to allow communication between devices without a host and was later used by other industries.
CANBus application areas:Automotive, aviation, marine electronic instruments, industrial automation, mechanical control, Medical instruments and devices.


Taiwan MEAN WELL burn-in room introduced ERS energy recovery system through CANBus communication control to achieve production line automation setting.

Application:Sanyang electric locomotive uses CANBus to achieve intelligent control

PMBus is an open standard power management protocol designed to simplify the design of digital control power systems. Devices using the PMBus protocol can transfer parameters between devices through commands and obtain various parameter at any time, such as voltage, current, temperature, power, fan speed and others


Commonly used for monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) type standard communication protocols between industrial manufacturing devices, such as for managing programmable logic controllers (PLC), sensors, valves, motors, or other various embedded devices.

Obtain the power consumption status of the equipment on the mains side through the smart meter (PMU-01) and use Modbus communication to send the data to the system side for data integration.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that simultaneously provides power and data transmission to other devices through an Ethernet cable. Because there is no need to configure additional power lines, the cost is relatively low. It can be applied to Internet phones, Wireless base stations, network cameras, lights... and other devices.

Devices such as controllers/tablets can be connected to PoE Switch devices through the network, which can provide LED drive power and perform light dimming control.

       DiiA 2018 DiiA(SW)117a DALI Guide CHN - Quick start.DOCX 2

DALI Introduction:

        DALI(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a bi-directional digital communication protocol or language used to exchange information between lighting control products.

        The 2-wire bus is used for communication (command/data) and power supply for some devices. When there is no communication, the bus voltage is usually about 16 V, but it may be significantly higher or lower than this value. Through commands, the product can be controlled, configured and monitored. For example, among the control commands, some commands can start the fade-in and fade-out function, up to the defined light output level, and also include the command to reset the scene or turn off the light. Each control loop can be configured with up to 64 long addresses (lamps) and 64 short addresses (input device), making digital lighting settings easier and providing a variety of context settings.



Application Example :
DALI 2.0 Controller used for office lighting