MEAN WELL introduced an intelligent centralized emergency lighting control system in the Suzhou Intelligent Campus, integrating all emergency lighting fixtures and supporting equipment in the building. The system host monitors the working status of the end lights and equipment in real-time throughout the day. When a fire occurs, it can be linked with the fire alarm system to automatically obtain a signal containing the fire alarm position and activate the related end lights and evacuation guide supporting equipment, to help people get to a safe place faster.

The electrical fire monitoring system sends out alarm, control, and location signals when the monitored parameter exceeds the alarm threshold.

Application Example: Zhejiang Taiyi – Electrical Fire Monitoring System

The main power supply and backup power supply of the fire-fighting equipment are detected in real time through sensors, so as to determine whether the power supply equipment has overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, open circuit, short circuit, or phase-loss faults.

Application Example: Zhejiang Taiyi – Emergency Power Supply Monitoring System

Effectively control the occurrence of fire door failures and ensure that the fire door is consistently in a normal state at all times.

Application Example: Zhejiang Taiyi – Fire Door Monitoring System

The system has a smart dynamic light guidance function. The system selects the best escape route through the computer according to the fire alarm signal and the specific conditions of the disaster scene, and then changes the arrow direction of the sign light to provide a more effective escape route.

Application Example: Zhejiang Taiyi – Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation System

At the beginning of the fire, the sensor readings of smoke, heat, flame, etc. produced by the combustion can be converted into electrical signals and transmitted to the fire alarm controller. At the same time, the evacuation of the entire floor will be signified in the form of sound or light. The controller records the fire location, time, etc., and enables people to detect fires in time, and take effective measures in time to extinguish the initial fires and minimize the loss of life and property caused by fires. It is a powerful tool for people to fight fires.

Application Example: Zhejiang Taiyi – Automatic Fire Alarm System

To strengthen the safety management of campus ark and the management of security guards on duty, an electronic patrol system is designed. By setting the patrol route, the security needs to update the information of each patrol point according to the route at the designated time, so as to find hidden dangers and solve them in time, and effectively supervise and manage the inspection work of the security guards.


The plant-wide network monitoring utilizes PoE lenses and NVR network video recorders. Because PoE has the advantage of transmitting data and powering on the same network cable, it greatly reduces the complicated power wiring and cost and is flexible in deployment. The device deployment location is not restricted and combined with face recognition structured video analysis to learn the route of travel and access control applications.