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Product Introduction

Product Roadmap

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New Products

NGE30/45/65/90 Series

30W~90W Global Certified AC Interchangeable Wall Mount Adaptor

MEAN WELL NGE30/45/65/90 Series, 30W~90W Global Certified AC Interchangeable Wall Mount Adaptor

Compared to the series of 24~60W SGA / SGAS / GSM / GE / GEM series that has been on the market for years, the NGE 30 / 45 / 65 / 90 has a significant distinction. The main difference lies in its simultaneous compliance with various safety standards such as 62368-1 / 60601-1 / 61558-1 / 60335-1, as well as additional certifications of CCC / BSMI / PSE...


LOP-400/500/600 Series

400W/500W/600W 5" x 3" Ultra Low Profile PCB Type Power Supply

MEAN WELL LOP-400/500/600 series, 400W/500W/600W Ultra Low Profile PCB Type Power Supply

This family offers a range of high reliability, high quality, high efficiency, and safety oriented built in PCB type power supplies with excellent EMC performance. They are suitable for use in Class I or II systems, providing a high performance and cost-effective solution for various electronic instruments and devices...

NGE12/18 Series

12W/18W Global Certified AC Interchangeable Wall Mount Green Adaptor

MEAN WELL NGE12/18 Series, 12W/18W Global Certified AC Interchangeable Wall Mount Green Adaptor

In order to meet the demands for lightweight and portable design, a wider operating temperature range, multi-field applications in one model and global compatibility; MEAN WELL proudly introduces the new generation of wall-mounted interchangeable AC adaptor with global certifications - the NGE Series...

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NMP Series Introduction

NMP series is equipped with intelligent control functions, such as voltage and current control, remote power on and off, over temperature warning and DC OK signal, providing remote control and monitoring applications. For the performance of temperature control, fan speed is automatically adjusted through its internal temperature detection function. 1U miniaturized design significantly enlarges the power density. As for certifications, the NMP is medical (60601-1) and ITE (62368-1) dual safety approved.  

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GSM Series Introduction

The GSM family products are medical grade high efficiency external adaptors, and they provide high safety, reliability, and energy efficiency levels. The product family consists of 6~220W complete series, and they also come in different styles for customer selection, such as desktop vs. wall-mount types, or Class I and Class II usage options. Additionally, they are certified to CB/UL/TUV 60601-1 and 60601-1-11 medical safety approvals.

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MPM & MFM Series Introduction

The MPM/MFM series are medical grade AC-DC on-board type modules, and their key features include: miniature size, Eco-friendly, meeting EN55011 Class B EMI performance without external components, compliance to latest edition of IEC/EN/ ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1 medical safety standards, 2xMOPP isolation level, and low leakage current <80μA, etc.. The products are suitable for type BF medical equipment that requires ultra-low standby power consumption.

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LOP-200 Series
NGE30/45/65/90 Series
MEAN WELL MHB series, TS series, RPS series, DC/DC converter, DC/AC inverter, AC/DC power supply, mobile medical cart
MEAN WELL GSM series, medical grade adaptor, medical monitor